Bracket Manufacturing
Two member bracket design project

Bracket Project

The goal of the project was to design a two member bracket that withstands 2000N and fails past 2500N of an upward force, as well as adhere to the sizes parameters mainly defined by the testing apparatus.

Throughout the project period, extensive calculations were made while designing, sheet metal manufacturing skills were honed and several tests of the brackets were conducted. With each iteration of the bracket, improvements were made, performance indexes increased, and a final bracket was almost completed to the specifications.

Version One

Failed to meet the dimension requirements and did not fit in the testing apparatus. While the original design had no problems, the manufacturing of the bracket restricted some of the ideal shapes the group imagined and during the process of improvising, it no longer fit the parameters, particularly due to the weld tab as shown below.

Version Two

Withstood a maximum of 689N, but failed afterwards due to the extra stress at the change of cross section. While the U-shape was much easier and accurate to manufacture, the lack of a complete cross section evidently put a lot of stress on the upper member of the bracket.

Version Three

This version eliminated the obvious failure mode from the previous one by completing the cross section of the upper member along the whole length, and having two lower members side by side. The maximum load it withstood was 1668N, and failed at the holes, indicating that the spot welds that reinforced the holes were not strong enough.

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